I Am

I AmI am

    The supreme moment of God’s self-disclosure came when Moses stood before the burning bush, a symbol of God’s awesome power and holiness.  When he asked God what name He should be called, the Lord replied, “I Am That I Am”  (Ex. 3:14).   The name signified the eternal being of God, complete in Himself, without beginning or ending.

    The only person  in history who took this name for Himself was Jesus Christ.  When His authority was questioned by Pharisees, Jesus said to them: “Verily, verily I say unto you, before Abraham was I Am”  (John 8:58).  It was such an absolute claim to divinity that the Jews picked up stones, intending to kill Him.

    In His trial before the Sanhedrin, as the council asked “Are you the Christ, the Son of the Blessed One?” Jesus replied again, “I Am”  (Mark 14:62).

    Fire and clouds always symbolized the presence of God in the Bible.  The glass used to picture the flames of the burning bush was created in an experiment by the glassblower, and was never duplicated again.


This window was given in memory of Elizabeth Nesbitt.

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